Monday, June 17, 2013


Father's Day weekend

Initially I was going to write a funny quip about Father's Day (how unplanned my fatherhood came to be) but as I was pondering what to write, my mind drifted and I was thinking about what being a father really meant. My dad was pretty much nonexistent in my life. I only have but a couple memories of him when I was young. When he would get home, we would wrestle and I would imitate moves I saw from watching WWF. And he would let me stay up at night to watch The Benny Hill Show with him. (Quite inappropriate for a 5 year old to watch.) But besides that, there's not much else. He never helped me with school work or gave me life advice. In fact, I don't remember seeing him that much at all. But I can't fault him for that since he was working long hours to provide for the family. It's just that I don't want to be like him. I love him and know I'm an asshole for saying this but I want to be the complete opposite of my dad.

For me, I want to be there for my kids. Educate them. Help them. Talk to them. Play with them. I never want to be those dad types that are gone for most of the day and only see their kids for a few hours before it's time for bed. Sure, some dads will not have a choice in their job hours but they could always look for another job if they really wanted to. What's more important? The job with good pay but shitty hours? Or the job that pays less but gets more time with the family? Easy, I'd take the job with less pay if it meant I would have more time with my family. And I did.

The other day my student said, "You're so lucky your wife takes care of all of your children." Huh? Yes, I am thankful that she takes care of my kids but what are you trying to say? That I just go to work and don't do shit when I get home? I know there are those dads who leave most of the child raising to the mother/wife but don't lump me with that group. I was offended. Maybe I misinterpreted her comment. Whatever, she annoys me.

Okay, I'll lighten up now. On Saturday we made a trip to Surfside Beach. We spent almost all day there.

So gangsta.

The group (minus three kids).

Sunday morning we went to Empire Cafe for brunch in what is becoming a Father's Day tradition. The afternoon was spent at Lynn's side of the family and at night, we were with my family.

Jacob and I in a serious debate.
#1 Pop!

And somewhere in between all that, we made a rare appearance at the movie theater to watch This Is The End. Funny stuff. Below is one of my favorite moments. Warning: for "mature" audiences only.

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  1. Edwin and Lilly said... June 28, 2013 at 10:52 PM

    You are a great dad, Cuz. It's so crazy awesome watching you transform from that spunky kid into a great father over the years. Who would've thunk, eh? :) Your boys are blessed to have you as their father. Cheers to parenthood! --lilly

  2. Jimmy Tran said... June 29, 2013 at 7:28 AM

    Thanks cuz! You're not doing too bad yourself. ;)

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