…this blog.
This blog was created to document everything that happens in my life because God knows I have horrible memory. This will serve as my diary journal. My goal is to update it frequently, possibly daily if my life ever gets that interesting. I will post the occasional recipe and restaurant review since everyone loves to eat. Along with my love of stuffing my face, I like to play around with my SLR camera so I'll post random photos that I deem worthy. Any critiques or advice would be helpful. Keep an eye on the gray boxes on the right side as the content can change at any time. The thoughts that run through my head are very random.

…this blogger.
I would say my life is pretty ordinary but being raised by Vietnamese immigrant parents made it a little more interesting. I was born and raised in Houston, TX. I have one older brother but when you talk about family, I consider all my cousins as well. I have seven aunts/uncles and over thirty cousins. In the beginning, all seven families lived within a 5 mile radius of each other. My early childhood days consisted of running around wild with my cousins, with very limited parental supervision. I remember riding our bikes (at times two on one bike) to the 6-TEN convenience store to buy some candy, biking over two miles to a Stop-N-Go to play Street Fighter II, and walking around Park Place (a not so safe area of town) to the local store for junk food. Come to think of it, we really loved our convenience stores. It was great but in retrospect, our parents were quite negligent. But it made us who we are today… daring, adventurous and a little crazy.

So being a typical Asian kid in a typical Asian family, my school work was geared towards being something in the healthcare profession, preferably a doctor (they could settle for a dentist). I had no clue what I wanted to do until I was influenced by my cousin Lilly, who was studying pharmacy. I thought, it’s healthcare, I don’t have to get an undergrad degree (less schooling), and it pays well.  I always want to take the shortest and less painful route, so my decision was made.

After six years of college, I come home to Houston to work and that’s when I meet my wife Lynn. We first met at The Flying Saucer, a bar in downtown. That’s how I like to tell the story but we met through a mutual friend. It’s not like I randomly met her and picked her up. I’m not that cool. It’s funny but we have crossed paths multiple times. We were both in the same confirmation class together, we played tennis at the same courts, and we all knew the same people. We just never met each other which was a good thing. If we did, she would have never gone for me and my hardcore gaming, techno music listening, crispy gelled hair self. None of this would have ever happened. Timing is everything. During our time of dating, Jacob happened, accidentally. Hence the name of this blog. We were blessed with another son, Andrew, and then we finally got married. Doing things “normally” isn’t our style. Now Tyson joins the mix, making it three boys and no girls. Correction, and now a girl. Our big girl Elliot.

My current interests include photography, food, and strangling people (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). If you share similar interests or just want to say hi, just drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.