Saturday, November 9, 2013


Goodbye uncle

Last week my uncle passed away. It was quite sudden. Unbelievable. No one saw this coming at all. With grandma, you could see her slowly deteriorating so mentally you prepare for the inevitable. But with my uncle, nope.

Every time we would see each other, I would get a smile and a good, firm handshake. You know, the one where his left hand comes over and covers your right hand. There's no limp noodle handshake here. But really, the one thing I'll remember him for was that he was always smiling, just happy.

Bac Hung dueling in Mindflex. (2012)

With death, it makes you think about life. Your own life. What's truly important in your life? Easy, I always want to be happy... like my uncle.

How do you achieve such happiness? That's a never ending project that I'm currently working on.

Life is a story which only time will tell.

So how would you answer the following question once your time on Earth is done?

Did you enjoy your story?

A story for tomorrow.

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