Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Weight cutting for BJJ

I've been training BJJ for about a year now with a bunch of gaps in between due to various injuries, sickness, busy with the kids, etc... but it's been a year. So am I any good? I'm definitely better than a random guy off the street who knows zero martial arts but against someone who trains, that's debatable.

Well, let's find out. I took the plunge and signed up for a BJJ competition (Austin Open in July). No lie, I was reluctant to sign up. I still get nervous thinking about it. But I needed to do it if I want to improve. Just like in the past, I wouldn't really train/exercise unless I signed up for a race (triathlon, mud runs) and only then did I start to get serious. Same goes for BJJ. Now that I'm committed, I'm more focused and dedicated in my training.

Another motivating factor was to lose weight. I signed up for the Light-Feather Division which means the most I can weigh with a gi (the top and pants worn which weighs 4-5 lbs) is 141.5 lbs. So my goal weight is 135 lbs.

Currently I walk around at 140-145 lbs and I can easily balloon up to 150 lbs (like I did after our quick getaway to Dallas). I ❤ food. My weakness is good food. But I'm in it to win it so adios to unhealthy eating, hola to dieting.

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