Sunday, October 14, 2018


More retarded math

Retarded math rears its ugly head once again. As seen before, I don't know why they are taught such strategies that make a simple problem more complicated and confusing. If the answer is not 6, then what is it?? I posted this question on Facebook in hopes of getting some insight on this problem. But of the many responses (all from highly educated adults), no one could give me a clear answer. Everyone was confused.

I asked his second grade teacher for clarification and below was her response:
The strategy for this problem is counting the numbers in-between the two given numbers on the number line. Yes, if you subtract then the answer would be six, but we are not subtracting, we are counting the numbers in between. In his binder, he has notes showing this particular strategy called "rooftop."

So is the answer 5? I'm still confused. Fuck.

How far is 33 from 27 on the number line?
  1. First, fuck the number line. 
  2. Second, setup your problem: 33 - 27 
  3. Third, do actual math, i.e. subtract instead of counting hash marks on a line. 
  4. The answer is 6, you dummies!

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