Tuesday, December 15, 2020


40 and farm house (Elgin, TX)

Lynn officially joined the 40 club. To celebrate, I invited her family over for dinner and cooked some of my best food. On the weekend we took a quick getaway to Austin. Actually, we stayed at a house in the middle of a 200+ acre working ranch outside of the city. Cattle, horses, and chickens... livin' that Texas cowboy life.
Now the whole neighborhood knows. 😅

Nice weather for outdoor dining.

Happy 40th birthday to my love.

Adventures on the ranch...

Up close and personal.

Going on an adventure in our ATV.

Yikes, my hair is out of control.

Now it's their turn.

These dogs are awesome... I kinda want one now.

The kids are missing the sunset.

And we had to eat of course...

Brisket (great), sides (decent) and chili (super salty 👎) from Franklin's BBQ (Austin, TX)

Two pies from Aviator Pizza (Elgin, TX)

Kolaches at Chappell Hill Bakery (Chappell Hill, TX)

$1 scoop of ice cream at Blue Bell Creameries (Brenham, TX)

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