Tuesday, May 3, 2022


Garage sale (first ever)

Everything must go!

I bought this one story house shortly after graduating college and it was plenty of space for one person. Fast forward to today, now this house is now too crammed for a family of six people. We had already donated a lot of stuff but there was still more to get rid of.

Last weekend our neighborhood had a "spring cleaning" community-wide garage sale so that was the perfect time to have our first ever garage sale.

The plan was to have our garage sale on both Friday and Saturday but after the first day, we sold most of the items. I was quite surprised. Maybe we priced the items too low? But I was planning to either donate or trash anything left over. In the end, we made $136.

Then Julie (sister-in-law) introduced me to Facebook marketplace, where I could've made more money for the items we were selling. But I've dealt with something similar (Craigslist) before and it was so ugh. But let's try marketplace and see how it goes...

Taking down our sign... we're done.

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