Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Life after Harvey

Did you know that it was Labor Day weekend? For people affected by Hurricane Harvey, probably not. At times I had to think about what day it was since everyday felt the same. The kids have been off for over a week but it's definitely not a vacation break. We took in the nephews so their parents could cleanup their flooded home. We didn't really go anywhere during the time off since most places were either closed or had odd hours. Besides, we didn't have a car to transport eight people.

Tuesday. The storm has finally passed but we're still stuck at home.

Wednesday. The water is slowly receding. 

Thursday. We're free!
To be honest, it wasn't that bad having six kids in the house but that's probably because they're all much older. It would've been a different story if we had a bunch of tiny munchkins who can't fend for themselves. The house was much louder during this time though. What do you expect with five boys running around? They had too much fun. Every night was a slumber party.

Their nightly sleeping situation.

Walking around the neighborhood, surveying the damage. 

Burning off some of that energy with submission grappling.

They created their own Pokemon board game. So creative.

One parent down, six kids up. It's up to me now to hold the fort.

Last time with the nephews. Dropping them off and they're zonked out.

Call me crazy but I miss them already. I miss the situation. Even though it seemed like constant chaos, they all played so well together. The siblings didn't get into their usual fights. Everyone got along. But who am I kidding? Realistically if we had this many kids, I'd eventually go insane or die early. There's too many mouths to feed. More responsibility. Once school and extracurricular activities start up again, it's game over. But I would take all of that if I could get a 100% guarantee there would be no more fighting, crying, or whining.

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