Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Birthday, wedding, and BJJ

On Friday, Jacob turned another year older. He is now 12 years old and puberty is just around the corner... yikes. The weekend was pretty busy so we were limited on what we could do for his birthday but he was okay with that. He kept it simple and chose Red Robin for his birthday dinner and we got cupcakes from SmallCakes.

After dinner we headed out to the local high school soccer game since Andrew's soccer team had a team outing, where they were involved in walking out the varsity players. It was cold, raining, and overall pretty miserable outside... not an ideal situation for little kids or to celebrate one's birthday so we left early.

Jacob ordered a cheeseburger... from the adult menu.

Friday night lights (the other football).

On Saturday, Thu and Bich got married! It just seems like yesterday when they first met. The reception was at Seasons 52 and wow, it was one of the best wedding menus ever. No typical Vietnamese wedding 10 course menu here. I'm perfectly okay with not having crab puffs or fried rice. Lobster bisque and steak? Yes, please. Everything was exceptionally good.

Kids table.

Elliot, my fur baby.

The moment Steve bailed on being the envelope/speech guy...

Leaving Mike high and dry.

Geez, Jacob is so big now.

The dessert!

And our subsequent reaction.

Family photo booth pics.

And of course Mike and I need our booth time. But add in the groom to make it a threesome!

On Sunday, Anh Vien and I went to the Houston Open to support Zinc and the guys at our respective schools. It was awesome watching everyone compete. I was all tensed up and nervous. What the hell?? I'm not even competing! Eventually I would relax and enjoy hanging out with the team (who are like family) and meeting new faces. My gimp arm needs to heal up fast so I can get back in this.

Zinc, the second place winner of the open class weight division.

That Gracie Barra army...

Mariana (on the right): professor's wife, double gold winner, and certified badass

My stalker picture from afar of Gui Mendes (famous multi-time BJJ world champion).

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