Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Easter egg hunt (at home)

This year was the first Easter that we didn't spend with family since... hmmm. I honestly don't remember the last time we weren't together on Easter Sunday because it probably never happened. And it's been tradition to have an annual egg hunt for the younger kids but sadly, COVID-19 came into the world. But I wasn't going to let a virus deny the kids of an egg hunt.

I made a scavenger/treasure/egg hunt for the little ones. To get to the "treasure" (Easter basket full of toys, books, games, treats), they needed to open the treasure map. To do so, they had to solve a riddle. To help solve that riddle, clues (letters) were in the eggs, which were hidden throughout the house. To find those eggs, they had a map that showed the general location of each egg.

Did that make sense? A bit convoluted? Yeah, I did everything last minute.

The hunt begins.

It would've been easier if you didn't have so many toys, Elliot.

Andrew, the designated videographer.

Why did the Easter egg hide?

Because he was a little CHICKEN.

Yay! More Play-Doh... to end up randomly stuck throughout the house. 😑

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