Tuesday, March 16, 2021


Andrew's first track meet

Go Andrew!

Days leading up to his first track meet, Andrew mentioned that he was nervous. Rightfully so since this would be his first individual sporting competition... and the fact that he had no intention of doing track until his athletics coach pushed him to do so. The kids only practiced a couple of weeks before their first meet so it didn't seem like anyone was been fully prepared. Hell, Andrew didn't even know what event he was running until the day of.

"On your mark... get set..."

Andrew ran the 1600 m (1 mile) race. And he came right out of the gate. Oh man, his pace was so fast. He did mention the possibility of doing the 4 x 400 m relay but by the time he was rounding the turn, there were no teammates on the track. Uh oh. After being in the front for the first lap or so, he slowly started to fade. There was no way he was going to maintain that fast pace.

He's with the lead pack... for now.

In the end, he finished somewhere in the middle. He was dead. Haha. Lesson learned.

Tank on empty.

I don't know why y'all came here? I did so bad.

His event was the second to last and we waited around for an hour in the cold to watch him compete. We wouldn't have missed it. Proud of him for not giving up and pushing as hard as he did.

His support group.

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