Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Houston Half Marathon

Last weekend we ran the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. It was Lynn's first half marathon, which was why I signed up too. She actually signed up to do it in 2021 (pushing her to pursue it after doing my own marathon in 2020) but COVID canceled everything so this was nearly two years in the making.

To be honest, I barely trained for this race. The most mileage I put in for a week was only 12 miles, with the longest run being 6 miles. A half marathon is 13.1 miles. As a result, my right knee was wrecked afterwards.

Lynn's training tapered off with our week long winter break vacation and then the holidays... but she fared much better than me. In fact, she did really well. Proud of her.

It was fun but I think I'm done with endurance races. ✌

Early morning at GRB.

Waiting for the start, freezing our butts off in the very back of Corral E.

Running down Kirby.

Approaching the final stretch.

Congrats to Lynn and Julie on finishing their first half marathon.

Even though we started at different times, we nearly had the same time.

We did it.

This is also my gamer name on Fortnite (if you want to play with me).

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