Tuesday, January 25, 2022


13 year anniversary

Our anniversary was on a Monday. The kids would all be at school and we could have the day to ourselves. I made sure I didn't have to go in for work. I would skip my usual lunchtime jiu jitsu training. And we purposely didn't go out to eat the prior weekend just so we could splurge a little more than usual. 

But no, the kids put a halt on that. The two little ones were "sick" and stayed home from school. Instead of going on a lunch date, I went to the local emergency center to get Tyson tested for COVID.

But life happens. We adjust. Go with the flow. No big deal.

We got sushi and cake to celebrate at home.


Maybe the number 13 is unlucky... if you believe in that nonsense. 

Oh, and Tyson was negative for COVID (PCR test).

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