In 2011, I started this blog to document the happenings of my life (because God knows I have horrible memory), to chronicle my relatively new (and unplanned) life with kids. Back then it was much simpler with only two kids, none of which had started elementary school yet. Fast forward years later and here we are with four crazy kids and a never-ending, hectic schedule.

The story of how I met my wife:
After graduating from pharmacy school in 2004, I came back home to Houston to work and that’s when I meet my wife. We met at The Flying Saucer, a bar in downtown. The end. Well that’s how I like to tell the story but really we met through a mutual friend. It’s not like I randomly met her and picked her up. I’m not that cool. It’s funny but we have crossed paths many times. We were both in the same class in Bible school. We played tennis at the same courts and knew the same people. We both attended The University of Texas in Austin. But we just never met each other which was a good thing. If we did, she would have never gone for me and my hardcore gaming, techno music listening, crispy gelled hair self. None of this would have ever happened. Timing is everything.

A little about myself. I love my wife and kids (but you knew that). I love food. I love pizza, burgers, beer, sweets… basically anything deemed unhealthy, I will eat it. My current obsession is BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and I will train as much as our busy schedule (see above) and my oft-injured body will allow. Getting old sucks. I would say that I’m into photography, though owning a Pixel has made me lazy to take pictures with my DSLR camera. I try to go snowboarding at least once a year but that streak has been broken a few times, usually when a new baby comes into my life.

My family (2015)

My whole family (1985)