Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Cinco de Mayo weekend

Last weekend was busy as usual but we didn't do anything related to Cinco de Mayo (misleading title, I know). Saturday morning started with us parents already splitting up. Andrew was one of only a select few chosen from his school to participate in the district math tournament, where I would be taking him. Lynn took the rest of the family to Tyson's soccer game. All week Tyson kept talking about this one game... constantly stressing over it. Why? Because his friend Alec was on the opposing team.

Tyson with his friend... and nemesis.

According to Lynn, Tyson played on another level. He played faster and was constantly hustling. He "turned it on." But that's with all of our boys, they need that extra motivation. Like anytime Andrew plays against Jacob, he plays hyper-aggressive. If he plays like that at every game, he would be unstoppable. So this was the first time Tyson showed his full potential.

"Silver medal" winner.

The kids from our elementary posing for a picture... and his partner is still crying.

Meanwhile, Andrew was competing at the math tournament and after what seems like an eternity (for the parents who couldn't watch their kids compete and were forced to wait in the cafeteria), he ended up with a "silver medal" which was just a blue card stock with his name on it. At least he didn't get the participation certificate. Nonetheless, I'm still proud of him and he was happy with the results. But his 5th grade partner didn't take it too well. He was devastated. I wanted to get a picture of them together but his tears hadn't stopped and I was ready to go. I was hungry.

I wasn't here to gawk with the crowd. I wanted my food. :(
Immediately after the math tourney, we head over to Pei Wei to pick up our lunch order but were denied by police. What?? The entire parking lot was taped off and there was no way in or out. We settled for Burger King instead. Found out later that there was a shooting 30 minutes before we came. Jesus. Maybe it's time to consider moving again.

Ready to party!

Mike and I competing, as usual.

Later that day we attended Collin's birthday party at Main Event and afterwards hung out at their house until way past everyone's bedtime. We used to see each other all the time but it's rare now with our crazy schedules so it was good to reconnect.

Not a family you want to mess with!
Sunday morning, the BJJ cousins came over to train and share knowledge. 💪

This picture says it all...

Sunday afternoon the two older boys had their recreational soccer game (they're on the same team) but they were missing five players. The team had to borrow another (younger) player and everyone had to play the entire game since they had no substitutes. The opposing team had their full roster. Andrew (the smallest player on the team) even had to play goalie for the first time since we didn't have one. And with the odds against them, they managed to win. I've been impressed by the way these brothers play with each other... quite dominant... and it's been pretty fun to watch.

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