Tuesday, May 22, 2018


South Llano River (Junction, TX)

We made a trip to central Texas for some camping at South Llano River State Park. With all of the work of packing/unpacking/setup and the long drive (in torrential rain), it's a shame we could only spend one day there. But the kids had fun. Good wholesome fun with each other. No need for any electronics. Just playing outside with sticks and rocks. Floating down the river. Running around. Exploring. To me, that was well worth it.

The gang of kids.

Kids eating Chef Boyardee since we weren't prepared to cook.

Just chillin'.

Soccer, of course.

My perfectly roasted marshmallow. (It's a shame that it fell on the ground after the first bite)

Making s'mores is fun but also a hot mess.

Our campsite for the night (shortly before the thunderstorm).

Camping buddies.

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