Tuesday, June 26, 2018


My mom's 65th birthday

My mom is now 65 years old and I think she needs to retire. But honestly, what would she do once she stopped working? On her days off (i.e. weekends), all she wants to do is see the kids but that can't happen. Either we already have something planned or maybe I just want to spend my free time with them. She is constantly asking and I've rejected her so many times. Then the guilt sets in. It's draining. But I don't say anything. It's my mom.

Initially we were busy (all day) on her birthday so we took her out for dinner the day before. I had planned on taking her to a Vietnamese restaurant and gave her a few options. She rejected them and said to just go to a non-Vietnamese restaurant. It's the only time she can try something new because God knows she wouldn't venture out on her own. And she added, "I can eat anything." Yeah right. Okay then, Jimmy Changas it is! Watching my parents eat anything non-Asian reminds me of contestants eating bugs on Fear Factor. It didn't look enjoyable. They said they were full after eating one fajita. Uh, okay. My dad finished the Mexican rice though... the closest thing resembling Asian cuisine.

On her actual birthday, Andrew had a soccer game in the morning and I had the intention of doing brunch with another family afterwards. But I felt guilty. So instead, we got some flowers and cake and headed over to my mom's to hang out for a bit before we had to leave again for more soccer scrimmages and practice.

If I wasn't around (and moved like I had contemplated), my mom would've had one lonely birthday. My brother wasn't going to do shit for her. It would've only been her and my dad. I hate that guilt is the driving force for me doing what I do. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Berry chantilly cake and tiramisu from Whole Foods Market. So good!

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