Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Tough weekend (Austin, TX)

This past weekend we headed up to Austin to run the Tough Mudder. After doing a couple 5k mud runs, this was naturally the next step. Tough Mudder is a 12-mile course that included 22 obstacles, ranging from submersion in ice water to getting electrocuted. This was no joke.

All the training and all the running was for this one race. I was a little nervous but there was no need to worry since we were doing this as a team. Team "Fueled by Pizza". Not trying to sound like a tough guy (I'm far from it) but it wasn't that bad at all. Thankfully to all the running, my cardio was beastly. Don't get me wrong, the course was still tough but it was hella fun. Some memorible moments:
  • Donson doing a belly flop in the mud pit... and it was not on purpose.
  • Mike Chamberlain using me as a human rope... to get to the actual rope.
  • That sick, body-shutting-down feeling when going through (and totally submerged in) the Arctic Enema.
  • Getting electrocuted so badly on the Electric Eel that my left ass muscle cramped up.
  • The final charge, with everyone screaming, through the Electroshock Therapy.

After doing this event, the previous mud runs seem like child's play. I like the fact that some of these obstacles were nearly impossible to complete without teamwork. The "leave no man behind" mentality made it that much more fun. Now we need to find our next big race.

Left to right: Jon, Mike C., Ryan, Mike N., me, Thu, Donson

After. Post rinse down.

Here's the rest of the weekend, as seen through my cell phone camera:

Dinner at Mighty Fine Burgers. That's one mighty fine photo bomb by Mike (Nesbitt).

Enjoying the cool weather at the Whole Foods pumpkins display.

Our fuel for after the race... grilled pizza by Lisa and Mike (Chamberlain).

The kiddos enjoying lunch at Pluckers.

The wall of sprinkles.

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