Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Tough Mudder: Round 2 (Austin, TX)

This past weekend I did the Tough Mudder again in Austin. It was the second time for five of the twelve in our group. To be honest, I wasn't as excited for this event as I was for the previous one. There was no anxiety. No fear. I've been through it before. But as the day came closer, I was pumped. This event was awesome.

This Tough Mudder was at a different location, with a gorgeous backdrop of stony hills. Unfortunately for us, we would have to make our way up those hills, and back down, and up again. But it did make for a nice view at the very top. With a larger group, we surprisingly finished faster than the first time. Team "Hearts on Fire", the baddest team on the planet.

Our team logo designed by David.

Left to right (top): Donson, Mike, Mike, Peter, Jon, Claudia, Felix, me, Thomas, (bottom): Steve, Thu, Francis

Below are a couple of pictures taken from Claudia's facebook.
Just finished.

Post rinse.

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