Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter Sunday

Mass on Easter Sunday was crazy. Besides Christmas, you won't find this many "practicing Catholics" jammed into a church at one time. So where are they on the other weeks? Probably at home taking care of their toddler who is going through his terrible twos but is not yet two. Yes, I too am guilty of not going to mass on a weekly basis but I try. I blame Tyson.

Easter morning after mass.

After mass we did the traditional Easter egg hunt at Lynn's aunt house. With one year under his belt, Tyson did much better this year. He got two eggs by himself before getting distracted with trying to open the egg he just got. Luckily for him Lynn's cousin Grace, who is Jacob's age (notice the age gap in this family), helped him fill up his basket. As for the two older boys, they had no problem filling their baskets. It was almost too easy. At what age should a kid be banned from the Easter egg hunt? I think Jacob is soon approaching it.

The group of kids grows smaller as the prepubescent kids have already been banned.

Tyson had a good start.

Andrew was really focused.

Jacob was just crazy.

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