Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Dynamo opening game

Ugh, my forehead is gigantic. I hate selfies. Anyway, I took Jacob to the Houston Dynamo home opener. Why only Jacob? Because Andrew is Mr. Indifferent and he's always "eh" to everything. Because Tyson would rather go to his grandparents' house and play video games all day long since the rules are more lax over there. Because Elliot is still tiny and all the noise would scare the crap out of her. Because Lynn is stuck caring for baby Elliot. So it's another (rare) Jacob and Papa Day.

Can you spot Jacob?

It was madness.

The kids from our local soccer club got to high five the players as they came out of the rally tunnel. Jacob was super giddy having been able to high five all of the Dynamo players (and some of the opposing players). "Those guys are big!" It was a pretty cool experience.

The weather was great, sunny 70 degree weather with a cool breeze. The atmosphere was electric. The game was fast paced and really exciting. The Dynamo were winning 3-2 at the end of 90 minutes but the refs added 3 more minutes of stoppage time. That means they were 3 minutes from victory. Just keep them from scoring for 3 minutes. And that was a long 3 minutes. In typical Houston fashion, they found a way to disappoint. With what seemed like ten minutes later, the opposing team scored to tie up the game. Ugh. And then seconds later, the game ended. It ended in a lame tie. On the bright side, as Jacob put it, "At least we didn't lose." Well said buddy, well said.

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