Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Flume concert

If you squint hard enough, you can see Flume in the middle of the blinding lights. Let me preface this post by telling you the obvious, I'm old now. So my account of his concert is probably different from everyone else's experience. First of all, it started on 9 p.m. on Sunday, which means after the opening acts, Flume won't come on until way later (11:20 p.m. to be exact). Doesn't he know that's way past my bedtime?

On Sunday, this father of four woke up at 7 a.m. (instead of sleeping in on the only day of the week that I could) to get some work done. Then we had the usual house chores that built up throughout the week to finish. Then we had an afternoon soccer game (in the energy sucking heat). Then we had a birthday party to attend (running around a bounce house). Then we had to get the kids ready for school the next day (Andrew, the ultimate procrastinator, was still working on his project). Then we had to get the little kids (Tyson and Elliot) ready for bed. By the time we left for the concert, I was already exhausted.

General admission. No thanks.

The days of standing in the general admission area are over. I don't have the energy to stand and "dance" for hours on end. I'm old remember? We sat in the upper tier, which is okay if you don't mind giant speakers blocking your view. As for the concert, I didn't think Flume was that good. I mean, I love his music but the concert wasn't any different from me playing his songs at home. Sometimes he would abruptly stop his song to play the next song. There was no smooth transition. His performance was underwhelming.

Flume (and some giant speakers).

But it's probably the old gramps in me talking. I'm sure it would've been badass if I was ten years younger, had no kids and drunk out of my mind. This doesn't change the way I feel about his music though, it's still awesome.

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