Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Crazy first day of school

I can't believe school started already! Jacob starts junior high, Tyson is now in first grade, and Andrew in fourth grade. The morning routine was a little rough but we made it out the door "on time" to be able to walk them to class. Tyson was perfectly fine, no sadness or tears. My little man is all grown up now. And Andrew didn't need us to walk him to class. In fact, he probably would've preferred for us not to.

After dropping off the two boys, we drove to drop off Jacob at his new (and relatively far) school. We had (or so we thought) plenty of time from when we left the elementary school but due to traffic and long car lines at school, he was late for his first class. 😒

The plan was for Jacob to take the bus home after school (to be dropped off at the local junior high for us to pick up) but at the time of scheduled pick up, he was not there. And he was beyond late. We gave him a cell phone for emergencies so I would think he would call us if anything out of the ordinary happened but nothing. So I tried to call him but it immediately hung up every time. Something's wrong with his phone and we had no way of reaching him. So for a good hour or so, we had no idea where he was. Did something happen to the bus? Did he miss the bus? Is he still at school?

Then finally we got a message from the school district stating that the local police received a call about a driver in the area discharging a firearm so the kids were in "shelter" or lock-down. I wasn't worried about his safety. I was just glad to finally know his whereabouts. What a first day.

The sucky part of being a parent... you will always worry about your kids... forever... until the day you die.

On a brighter note, here's Tyson who dressed himself. I like how his socks match his shoes, but that might have been a coincidence. It's more likely he chose them because he likes to wear long socks even though it's hot as hell outside.

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