Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Life without my wife

On Wednesday night, Lynn took off to Los Angeles (for her brother's graduation) and left me alone with the three boys. So for four days, I got to experience life as a single parent.

Mornings were a bit hectic trying to get their lunches ready and everyone out the door by a certain time for school... on top of getting myself ready too! And in the afternoons, I had to wrap up my work to rush back to pick them up from school. But we had a contingency plan in case I couldn't make it, thanks to our dependable neighborhood friends. Overall, it wasn't too bad.

I worked the boys hard though. I had a long list of things I needed them to do: homework, study, clean dishes, vacuum floors, wash and fold laundry, wipe down tables and counter top, etc. And they did them without (much) resistance so they earned their free time, i.e. once a week video game play, as opposed to other kids who are glued to some electronic device on a daily basis. What do they do to earn it?

Lynn and Elliot missed the snow!

Emergency lunch at Costco.

Lots of running (40 yard dash and obstacle course) at Tom Bass Park.

Andrew's "perfect" roasted marshmallow. 

My girls came home on Sunday, which also happened to be Lynn's birthday. We celebrated by going for dinner at Kula (or Kura?) Revolving Sushi Bar. It was pretty good and surprisingly filling. The kids liked the food and definitely had fun in the process.

Sushi on a conveyor belt... brilliant.

It's so difficult to get a nice picture.

Okay, that's better.

Elliot wants a picture with her brothers...

But she's mesmerized by the revolving sushi. 


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