Sunday, September 30, 2018


Happy birthday Elliot!

My big girl Elliot is now three years old... and what a three years it has been. She's pure fun. All she ever wants to do is play. Play with her cooking set. Play with her Little People. Play in her play house. Lots of imaginative play, which I really like. Her current obsession is Paw Patrol and her favorite character from the show is Everest. Her favorite foods include mushrooms, açaí, and ice cream. And she doesn't like bread or bread products.

For her birthday, Elliot wanted a rainbow cake. Ask and you shall receive (especially if you're the youngest child and only girl). And we also got her a giant pizza with mushrooms, of course.

A giant 28-inch pizza for Elliot... to share.

This big girl loves mushrooms.

My family.

Blowing out the candles.

Elliot cutting/sawing/hacking the cake.

Celebrating her birthday with her cousins.

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