Monday, December 3, 2018


Quick getaway (San Antonio, TX)

We made a 3+ hour drive to San Antonio to watch a 5 minute BJJ match... and it was totally worth it. It was all to support my cousin Anh Vien (who I kept pushing to try BJJ) on his first competition. But it was also an opportunity for Lynn and I to take a quick getaway without the kids... well, with only one kid instead of all four. Elliot was the third wheel.

Bo ne  (Vietnamese steak and eggs) @ Yummy Pho & Bo Ne (Katy, TX)

Original cream puff @ Beard Papa's (Katy, TX)

Classic pearl milk tea @ Sharetea (Katy, TX)

Smoked burger @ Fletcher's (San Antonio, TX)

Strawberry pop pastry @ Bakery Lorraine (San Antonio, TX)

French toast and chicken & biscuits @ Mash'd (San Antonio, TX)

My little unicorn loves color.

Enjoying the cool night at The Pearl.

Just hanging...

Anh Vien wins!


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