Tuesday, March 19, 2019


"Bomb cyclone" (Leadville, CO)

What the hell is a bomb cyclone? I've never heard of that term until our recent spring break trip to Colorado. According to the local news, "The March 2019 'bomb cyclone' was the strongest ever recorded in Colorado." Oh, great. We were essentially buried under the white fluffy stuff. It looks pretty when you're warm and cozy inside but it's a motherf*cker if you have to actually go somewhere. This trip would be our second time to Leadville but after this wintry blast, I might have to reconsider coming back again.


One of my favs, a hot "no bull" at Common Grounds. (Waco, TX)

Ice cream at Heritage Creamery. (Waco, TX)

Taking a little break from driving... by playing some Street Fighter II with the boys.


Only in New Mexico can you have a green chile cheeseburger at McDonald's. (Raton, NM)

Aptly dubbed the "poo bridge," this is where I took a dump out in the open. #nature (Farisita, CO)

Just arrived... look at that pile of snow! And the blizzard has yet to come!


Working on our snowman.

Our backyard.

Andrew and Tyson went snowboarding.

And so did I.


The winter storm hits. Making it up the mountain was impossible so we stayed home for another snow day.

Making snow angels.
Eating snow.

Buried in snow.

My snow babies.

Our giant snowman is complete.


A couple more runs before I had to go. So much powder from the winter storm!

Family picture before we head back home.

Taking a picture from the same exact spot as last year. (Cotopaxi, CO)

Desperate/disappointing food at the KFC/Taco Bell. (Walsenburg, CO)


Watching Captain Marvel at the same theater I used to frequent back in college. (Amarillo, TX)

Banh mi at Jasten's since I refused to eat anymore fast food bullsh*t. (Wichita Falls, TX) 


But maybe that banh mi was responsible for Andrew's food poisoning.

Quick stop at Top Pot Donuts. (Dallas, TX)

Emergency puke stop for Andrew, which happened to be at Cooper Farms. Had to get their peach ice cream. (Fairfield, TX)

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