Tuesday, September 22, 2020


School is canceled... again

It hasn't even been a full month yet but school was canceled once again. 

The first cancellation was for Hurricane Laura (and Marco?) in August. The kids had only started school for a couple of days before it was canceled for 2 days. It looked nuts at first... I mean, when will you ever see two hurricanes coming at you at the same time?

Double trouble.

And this week, school was canceled for another 2 days for Tropical Storm Beta. Hold up... Beta? What happened to using actual names? I had to Google it and here's what I found (on NPR):

This marks just the second time in history that forecasters have had to resort to the Greek alphabet because available storm names have been exhausted.


It's not a hurricane but it's slow and forecasted to dump a lot of rain.

First COVID and now hurricanes. 2020 seems like a bad natural disaster/apocalypic movie. 😑

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