Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Tuesday night lights

We officially have our first (and probably only) football player of the family, Andrew. He's on the school's 8th grade football team. Granted, he's only a kicker but a football player nonetheless. 

My main concern was him getting hurt. First of all, he's not a football player. Second, he's pretty small  when compared to the other players. But being that he's a kicker, it's not likely that he'll have any contact... or so I thought... 😧

Dressing up on game day (per the coach's request).

His first field goal attempt.

But apparently it wasn't good. The field goal poles weren't tall enough to clearly see from our perspective. 

His first kick off.


His first punt.

It went way further than the opponent's punt.

Then what I had feared came true. Andrew (no thanks to his teammates) got destroyed on a punt. It happened to be the only video I took of that game and it's so hard to watch as a parent... 

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