Tuesday, October 12, 2021


Expensive digital cosmetic

Time to cash in...
I just spent $44 on an expensive digital cosmetic... but I did it for Tyson.

He plays Valorant and within the game, you can buy skins for your weapons. There's no advantage to having different skins. It won't make you play any better. It's solely for looks.

And I can't wrap my head around spending so much money on a cosmetic. Sure, I don't mind if you spend a few bucks on a skin... to keep things looking fresh... to have a different look from your friends... but Tyson is obsessed with these cosmetics. And the better looking ones are even more expensive.

Since I couldn't convince him to stop obsessing over these skins, I promised him a "free" skin of his choice for his birthday. Any one skin. Of course, he chose one of the most expensive skin... the glitchpop dagger.

4,350 points = $$$

But I actually spent $54 dollars to get enough Valorant Points (in-game currency) to purchase this skin... meaning he'll have points leftover for another skin which he can't afford... meaning he'll have to buy more points to get said skin... meaning this madness will never end.

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