Tuesday, June 14, 2022


Quick getaway (Austin, TX)

No kids. Just us. One day. A quick getaway.

Picking up lunch at La Barbecue.

La Chopped (chopped beef sandwich with chipotle cole slaw)

On UT campus, walking down Speedway... which used to have traffic when we went to school here many years ago.

Got some much needed cold drinks after walking around in 100+ degree heat.

Whenever we travel, we like to visit the local independent bookstore.

We still needed to cool down (from more walking around downtown) so Amy's ice cream it was.

We played Top Golf for the first time...

And Lynn beat me.

Dinner at one of my favorite Austin restaurant, Madam Mam's.

Picking up some "world famous" Round Rock donuts to bring back home for the family.

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