Wednesday, December 7, 2022



Thanksgiving lunch with Elliot at school.

This year's Thanksgiving was one to forget...

It began on Wednesday when both Lynn and I felt sick. Initially, we were just tired with a few minor symptoms but it progressively got worse (cough, fever, chills, body aches... most likely the flu). 

Thanksgiving lunch from school (a week prior).

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we stayed home while the kids (who were fine) spent the day with the family. 

Family Thanksgiving (without us).

Constant rain... And this weatherman interrupted the last second win of the Bills vs Lions game. 😠

Mustered up the energy to cook a Thanksgiving meal.

The family made us a plate, which the kids brought home (but my hungry teens ended up eating them).

On Saturday, we were to do Thanksgiving dinner at our house with my family but we were still sick. When I called my parents to cancel our plans, they were the ones who told me they wouldn't be coming over since they were sick. But we still had our turkey dinner (without any guests) with the help of the kids. 

Got my hands on the sold-out Popeyes turkey.

My plate.

Andrew's plate... mashed potatoes with a side of turkey.

By Sunday, we were well enough to leave the house and buy a Christmas tree.

Hope we're all healthy for Christmas. 🙏

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