Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Ski/snowboard trip (Leadville, CO)

During Spring Break, we made another trip to Colorado. It would be our 5th time to Leadville and our 10th road trip to Colorado. And on this trip, there were many firsts...

Lynn skied for the first time. 
Elliot skied for the first time. 
Jacob snowboarded for the first time. 
Reed snowboarded for the first time. 
Tyson took the chairlift for the first time. 
Andrew carved for the first time. 

But most importantly, we were all together on the slopes for the first time.

Dinner at Rudy's (Amarillo, TX)

Our duplex was quite spacious compared to most homes in Leadville.

And the kitchen came fully stocked.

The view from our bedroom.

Exploring the town as we get acclimated to the altitude (elevation 10,152 feet).

Elliot is ready to ski for the first time.

Lessons for Lynn, Tyson, Reed, Jacob, and Elliot.

As Andrew and I hit the slopes.

Elliot was doing so well on the bunny slope so I took her on the chairlift for a longer run.

Although much longer than what she was used to, she did really well and didn't fall once.

Tyson also wanted to do a run so I took him next on the chairlift.

So awesome that we could all enjoy the slopes together.

Refueling with pizza (High Mountain Pies).

Snow play at Turquoise Lake.

Anh Vien's family brought over Chinese food for dinner. (Bummed that we didn't get a picture together.)

Our traditional picture in Cotopaxi, CO.

Heading back home, having dinner at Blue Sky (Amarillo, TX)

On a random note, bingeing on movies/TV shows makes the drive so much easier. 

Must watch.

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