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The big thing that I have been taught all throughout school and at all of my jobs is to document everything. "If you don't document it, it never happened." I wish I applied this to my two boys. And this goes for everything, from their various milestones to the crazy, funny things they say. My problem is that I don't think to write it down. Who does? You're too busy in the moment. But I plan on changing that, especially with baby #3.

So I will try to recall what I can from my puny brain the previous milestones of the boys.
  • Andrew started walking at 11 months
  • Andrew officially went diaper-less on July 4th (2 1/2 years old)
  • Jacob took his first steps at his first birthday party

Okay, that's all I have. My memory blows, hence I will start an Excel spreadsheet with this new baby. Last year for Mother's Day, I got Lynn a journal called My Quotable Kid to document the goofy things they say but some of the funniest things they say don't always occur at home so by the time we get home to write it down, we forget what exactly was said. Here is an excerpt of one of the entries.

At grandma's funeral, Lynn explains to Jacob that they are getting ready to bury grandma. Jacob responds with, "We're going to plant (great grandma) so that she can grow into a tree."

So many different emotions with that one comment.

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