Monday, January 14, 2013


My resolutions

Okay, it's the new year which means it's a fresh start. Clean slate. It also means time for the obligatory New Years resolutions. Looking back at last year's, this year's resolutions are pretty much the same, maybe just worded a little differently. For the most part, I think I kept up with them. Here's the updated 2013 version.

1. Don't worry, be happy.
There are actually two resolutions here but if I focus on one, the other one will follow. There is no need to stress about things out of your control. And those that you can control, deal with it. Don't let it linger. And are you happy right now? If no, why not? Do something about it! (This was essentially a lecture to myself.)

2. Keep calm and carry on.
This applies to everything but mainly to the kids. More times than not, I find myself quickly losing patience with them which leads to yelling. I read somewhere that in order to prevent that, imagine them as if they were still a baby. You wouldn't yell at a baby right? But then again, babies don't talk back. And Baby Ty is slowly showing early signs of the dreaded "terrible twos" so he's no longer immune from the yelling.

3. Never stop improving.
Lowe's has something right here, although they probably mean home improvement. Again, this probably applies to everything in life. Improve on your social life, family life, love life, work life, everything. But when I initially thought of this resolution, it was more for fitness and exercise. Last year I wanted to run 3 miles without stopping and to do it under 30 minutes. Done. Now, I would like to run 3 miles under 27 minutes (sub 9 min/mile pace) and run a sub 7 minute mile.

4. Premium fuel only.
For sporty and luxury cars, they require premium fuel. Why wouldn't you treat your own body the same way? Be a Mercedes or Cadillac, not a Daewoo. My resolution is to avoid all foods that have zero nutritional benefit. That essentially eliminates all sweets, e.g. cakes, donuts. But absolute abstinence would lead to possible binges, so having one or two a week would be okay. Add more greens. Less processed foods. Portion control. And one cheat day a week so that I won't go insane. (I still like eating out you know.)

5. Just do it.
This is probably the most important one. If you don't actually do it, how are you ever going to accomplish anything. If you ever thought, "I don't feel like running today," "The to-do list can wait another day," or "I'll shower tomorrow." No! Just do it!

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