Saturday, February 16, 2013


Jacob, 7 years young

I'm a little late but last weekend Jacob turned 7. According to him, it's 7 years-young, not years-old. "I'm not old. I'm just a kid." Indeed. But this kid is growing up way too fast. He's at that age where his baby teeth have started falling out. Several days before his birthday, he lost a front tooth while eating dinner. Then, during the family Tet party, he lost the other front tooth while playing outside. Now there's a giant gap in the middle and I can't help but smile when I see him talk.

First tooth he got out by himself.
Jacob's morning birthday donut.

We decided to have a small get-together/mini-birthday party for Jacob. Nothing big. Just some of his cousins and a few friends. The theme was movie night and Jacob had selected Kung Fu Panda. We turned down the lights, arranged the seating and made some fresh popcorn. Surprisingly the kids sat through most of the movie. At one point though, everyone got up to run around and play but they all came back for the end of it.

Kids enjoying the movie. Not sure what's going on with Tyson.

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