Friday, August 2, 2013


"Welcome to the 21st century, dad."

If you know my parents, they are the least tech savvy people in the world. The only other people worse than my parents are those tribesmen living in the Amazon rainforest. It's bad. I tried to teach them the basics of using a computer to get on the internet but that didn't go far. But I think my dad is more willing or grasps technology better than my mom. He boasts that he knows how to use a touch screen navigation system on his boat. Bravo dad, bravo.

Last weekend my parents were talking about my dad's friend and how he recently upgraded his phone to a Samsung Galaxy S3... and his (funny) struggles with it. Apparently he didn't know how to make a call or answer the phone. He would swipe back and forth but it was futile. By the time he did figure it out, he had over 20 missed calls. After that hilarious story, my dad mentions that he wants a new phone now. Hold your horses, dad. First, I can easily see him in that same situation, randomly swiping to no end. Second, you need to crawl before you walk so I offered him one of my many old phones I had buried in the closet (all of which are way more advanced than the one he was currently using). He picked the T-Mobile Dash (pictured above) which debuted in 2006. It's a start. So I only showed him the basics (contacts, calls, camera) and that was that.

Several days pass and then I get this gem. (Note: Bo means dad in Vietnamese.)

Wow, his first text. Sure it's a little awkward but I was impressed. He deeply likes my phone and will learn until he dies? Nice!

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  1. Click, Click, Caption This.... said... August 5, 2013 at 10:13 AM

    OMG...Thanks for this story. Very entertaining, til the day I die ;-)

  2. Jon Tran said... August 5, 2013 at 11:34 AM

    I think we should make this a cousin-only meme...until I die.

  3. JT said... August 9, 2013 at 1:08 AM

    My parents will forever be FOB's...until I die.

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