Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Good riddance unbearable heat

And hello nice weather. Weather, in general, surprisingly has a huge effect on my mood and as of late, I've been in a bad mood. I hate the heat. Can't stand it. And after taking two recent trips to the West Coast, I hate Houston weather even more and can't stop daydreaming about moving away. (It's going to happen one day.)

The cool front rolls in.

A few days ago, the temperature finally dropped below 90 degrees and now, all is good. We can bike outside without sweating profusely. I no longer have to wait until the sun comes down to run. We can enjoy sitting in the backyard patio while the kids go crazy, i.e. play.

But this will only last so long until the effects of the "cool" front dies and then I will be irritated once again.

Damn you Texas weather!

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