Thursday, December 5, 2013


Foolish me

There's been a bug lingering the past couple weeks, which began with one person who then passed it to the another. And if you paid attention in Immunology (or even took the class), it's possible to get sick again from that "same" virus if it mutated. It's a vicious cycle. So I try to enforce good hygiene so that we can prevent spreading the germs and avoid getting them.

Cover your cough!

Wash your hands!

Wait, he drank from that cup? Get another!

I'm all about proper hygiene yet that went out the window a couple days ago. Every morning I make a protein shake with strawberries and bananas and Tyson likes to help, if he's not too busy eating breakfast himself. On that fateful morning, Tyson comes up to me with his running nose and cough, wanting to help. Do I do the right thing and say no? Maybe distract him with something else? No, I don't break our routine and let him help me. So he grabbed some strawberries and bananas with his germ laden hands, we mixed it together, and I knowingly drank an infected shake.

If I didn't get sick from that then I got sick during dinner. That's when I take my vitamins and Tyson always wants to give them to me, like literally puts them in my mouth. Again, I could deny him and possibly make him sad but I didn't. With his dirty hands, which uses to wipe his runny nose, he placed the now germ covered pills in my mouth and I swallowed.

Now I'm writing this with a congested and runny nose. It's funny how people (no matter the size) will make you do foolish things.

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