Wednesday, April 2, 2014


"You've got mail" (from your dad?)

It's been documented that my parents are still stuck in the 20th century but they are slowly making some progress. Actually, it's only my dad. My mom isn't as eager to learn or adapt. She still has a candy bar cell phone that plays an obnoxious midi, 8-bit sounding ringtone. My dad on the other hand has been using an old computer I gave them, obsolete by most standards (it has a floppy disk drive), but it's a good start. I don't think my dad will be doing any video editing or Photoshop any time soon.

One day my dad asks me about getting rid of email. I was confused and shocked at the same time. "You know how to use email?" I had setup an email account for each parent years ago during the time I attempted to teach them how to access the web and show them how useful it could be. That didn't last long. But apparently my dad has been surfing the web for some time now, looking at things of interest (boats and houses in his case). Okay, cool. So I taught him more about email, like writing one (he only knew to receive and read emails) and the concept of attachments for pictures. That night, I talked about how I was looking for a new car and the following day I get this email from my dad...

Note: "bo me" translates to dad and mom. Too funny. What's up with all those dollar signs?

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