Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Random weekday off

My boss "forced" me to take PTO (paid time off) in April so I gladly obliged by taking off last Monday. I love being off on weekdays, especially when everyone is either at work or school. The city is so calm... well, less chaotic. So this was how I spent my day off... as seen through the eyes of Tyson and myself... with the use of my cell phone and Android's default camera app (picture filter #4).

Our day started at the best place for donuts... Shipley's. Can you tell who took the blurry, misaligned picture? Here's a hint, the person is not even three feet tall.

We made a quick stop at the zoo, which was on our way into town, since Tyson wanted to see jellyfish and monkeys. This place was a ghost town... well, before the kids from school field trips arrived.

Here's a random picture of our feet... at Gap.

This is our lunch at Torchy's Tacos.

Tyson passed out before finishing his food.

We walked across the street for a cup of coffee at Mercantile.

What's Lynn daydreaming about?

Say what you want but this sign made me laugh.

And I ended my day by picking up the boys from school. They were really excited about that.

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