Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Father's Day

I finally broke the 3 year streak of doing brunch at Empire Cafe for Father's Day. Good coffee alone isn't enough to get past the mediocre food they serve so I had to eat somewhere else. This year, we went for brunch at Dish Society. We've been there a few times before (which has always been good) but keeping with the theme of the previous Father's Days, they served mediocre food that day. [cue sad trombone sound]

The food looks good.

The chicken biscuit was composed of two sad little chicken nuggets in a hard, dry biscuit. The beignets were dense and doughy, not airy at all. The coffee anglaise that accompanied it was really liquidy. My toast was overly toasted and rock hard. My usual pork hash was only okay, maybe I was turned off by everything else. But this was only the first bad meal there so they're not on my ban list just yet.

My boys.

And my favorite part of the day, the Father's Day cards/pictures/artwork from the kids:

Jacob's eagle, baby eagles, alligator and fish... and us?

Andrew's painting of sea life. What's up with the animal theme?

Tyson's card (with annotations).  I like how he incorporated baby #4.

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