Friday, June 12, 2015


One-on-one with Jacob

What was supposed to be a family trip to The Museum of Fine Arts turned into one on one time with Jacob since the other two boys got sick over the weekend. So instead of canceling, this was a perfect time for me to spend quality time with him alone. A rarity.

I'm sure I've written about it before but Jacob's a quiet person. He won't willing tell you something unless you ask. You have to work at getting things out of him. Like at dinner time, a typical conversation would be:

How was school?


What did you do?

I don't know.

He doesn't even try to have a conversation. It ends fairly quick unless you ask more specific questions and continue to probe. The other kids are much better at conversing. Sometimes it's verbal diarrhea but I'll pick that over absolute silence. So with our time together, I try to open the doors a little and see what's going on in his little head.

Soft serve ice cream!

To begin our day, we had lunch a one of our favorite spots, Mia's. We weren't that hungry (since we ate a huge breakfast) so we split the chicken fried chicken plate. And the best part of the meal, the free soft serve ice cream.

A Picasso painting.

Then it was off to the art museum. He asked me beforehand what was in an art museum. I told him pictures and paintings. "Are there going to be pictures of dinosaurs and animals?" he asked. Uh, no.

That's art?

Drawing a sidewinder rattlesnake (instead of the art being displayed).

Even though he loves to draw, I don't think the art museum was for him. But it was still fun hanging out. Moments like when we both questioned why a particular piece was art. Laughing together as we were walking around aimlessly, totally lost. Teaching him different drawing techniques on a bench in the middle of the art gallery. I always enjoy my one-on-one time with the boys.

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