Tuesday, June 2, 2015


End of soccer

Last weekend was the (merciful) end of the soccer season. This season went two weeks longer than scheduled since there were multiple games rescheduled due to the rain. I'm so done with these thunderstorms. Send some of this rain to California! But when the sun comes out, so does the blazin' heat and humidity and this last game was especially hot. I'm just glad it's all over.

Jacob's team played the top ranked team of his division and held their own in the first half. But in the second half, the wheels fell off and they got annihilated 1-9 or 1-10. It doesn't matter.

The sun is brutal.

So hot he's got a sweat mustache.

U10. Team Lime.

Andrew's game was later that morning (11 am) and as always, he came into the game almost half asleep. Slow motion. I don't get it, he was so hyper earlier that morning. Anyway, last week he played against a team that had a kid a foot taller than him (possibly taller than Jacob) and that kid pushed him to the ground. He was pissed. But it also discouraged him to get in the mix for fear of getting knocked down again.

In this game, there was another "giant" kid. He wasn't as big but still a head taller than Andrew. And well, he got bumped/shoved and Andrew went in a rage (again). This time he was so frustrated that when he was subbed out, he broke down and cried. It was pure anger.

"I'm going to punch him! You don't understand papa! Ahhhhhh!" 

Oh my. The thing is, I do understand. I've always been the smallest guy, the underdog. But you can't instill grit in the little 5 minute break but it's something we're going to have to work on. Eventually we did calm him down but for the rest of the game, he checked out mentally. No hustle. No effort. No care. He was done.

The bump that set Andrew off.

You can see it on his face, he's pissed.

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