Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Weekend getaway (Austin, TX)

Sometimes I get an itch to go somewhere. Anywhere. It's just nice to get away once in a while. And last Friday I had the day off so we decided to spend the long weekend in Austin. There was no agenda really... besides to eat, shop and eat some more. And I got the photography bug so I packed up my SLR camera, attached a 40 mm prime lens, and went nuts.

Truffle fries at Hopdoddy. Yay!

I could breathe (and shit) fire after eating The El Diablo burger.

Browsing around Terra Toys.

One on one with Tyson.

"No picture!"

Brick toast at Tea Haus.

Dinner at Mi Pizza.

Hanging out/shopping at The Domain.

Candy heaven at Rocket Fizz.

The boys at the life sized Lite-Brite at Thinkery.

Tyson's frozen shadow (and cowlick).

The long walk downstairs at Thinkery.

The kids getting hot and sweaty at the playground.

The walls of color.

Lunch at Torchy's Tacos.

Our dinner.

Who needs a $10 burger when you can have Top Notch burgers.

Jacob flexing his little muscles (for no apparent reason).

Just waiting for his food.

Yellow curry at Madam Mam's.

Late night Monopoly action. (I won.)

The boys' sleeping situation. Goodnight.

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