Thursday, May 28, 2015


(Extended) Memorial Day weekend

Our Memorial Day weekend began on Friday since the kids didn't have school and I took the day off. What was already an extended weekend became even longer after the torrential rain and flooding on Tuesday (no work for me). So the normally 3 day holiday weekend became an extended 5 day weekend, albeit we couldn't do anything on that flood day. But overall the weekend was fun and relaxing. We did manage to get some swimming in. Steaks were grilled. Watched a couple of Rockets playoff games. Did a lot of shopping (sales!). And of course, we went out to eat a lot and my pseudo-diet was nonexistent.

On Friday we took the kids to see The Avengers and this was Tyson's first experience at the theater. Besides constantly moving from seat to seat (we had the whole row to ourselves), he did well. And being such a long movie (2.5 hours), I was glad there was no need for a restroom break.

Tyson's favorite scene in the movie:

And here are some random pictures from the weekend.


Steak night at the in-laws.

Brunch at Dish Society.

I had to feed my Bambu addiction.

Crazy Houston weather (photo from Houston Chronicle).

Playing toys with Tyson since I can't get to work.

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