Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Bikes, beers and birthdays

I get these random urges from time to time, whether it's shopping, snowboarding or whatever. It's that itch that won't go away until you scratch it. And lately, I had an urge to go biking. So much so that I'm willing to bike in this God awful heat. But I'm not that crazy so with my friend Thu, we waited until sunset before setting off on Friday night.

Our first stop.

Shipley's is still cranking out donuts at 9 p.m.

Only had one drink at Karbach brewery before they closed (10 p.m.).

Next stop, D&T Drive Inn. What to choose?

I had the Cuvee ice coffee and B-52 breakfast porter. Then we had to leave since they were also closing (12 a.m).

Grabbing some (delicious) tacos at a random food truck in the hood (1 a.m).

Downtown Houston (long exposure shot).

On Saturday night, I celebrated my birthday (early) with the other person that shares the same birthday, Mr. Nesbitt. We had our little double date at Vic & Anthony's. Happy birthday to us!

My dinner.

Happy birthday Mike!

And happy birthday to me.

On Sunday, the birthday celebrations continued. In the afternoon, we went over to Lynn's aunt house to celebrate the birthdays of all the family members who has an August birthday (5 birthdays not including myself or Tyson). We ate, drank and swam. And I took a nap. It was great.

Eating a pie and drinking a shandy at poolside.

Whose birthday is it?

Sunday evening, my mom wanted to celebrate Tyson's and my birthday so she made my favorite food, bo chien bo (butter fried beef) and got Tyson a cake.

Fried goodness.

Happy birthday to Tyson (and me).

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