Friday, December 18, 2015


Dear Santa (or whoever)

Every year we have the kids write their Christmas list (so us parents have a clue on what they really want). And every year, they question the existence of Santa Claus. And lately their belief of all things fake (Santa, Elf on the Shelf, the tooth fairy) is quickly fading, especially for Andrew. If there is a discrepancy of any kind, he'll question it (he got that trait from me). And there have been times when he's called us out on them.

Are you the tooth fairy?
At this point, I don't think Andrew believes (or cares for) the tooth fairy anymore. Just last week, he lost his third tooth this year and it was also the third time he didn't care to put it under the pillow for "the tooth fairy." Before, the two big boys were so excited to see how much money she will leave them. But now he's disenchanted. He once asked Lynn, "Are you the tooth fairy?" She asked him why he thought that. "Because she has the same hand writing as you!" Busted.

Santa must be a ghost.
And the other day I was (unintentionally) listening in on a conversion between the two big boys and Andrew made the comment, "Santa must be a ghost. He's been doing this for thousands of years. Christmas has been going on for thousands of years. He's been around forever." Judging by his tone and frustration, I don't think he believes anymore.

So at what point do you tell them the truth? I'm all for never telling them and letting them discover it on their own, which is going to happen sooner than later. But I also don't what them ruining it for the little ones, Tyson and Elliot. So if I tell them now, maybe they can be in on our secret. But if I don't tell them, they might poison the minds of the little ones into not believing. What are we to do?

Anyway, here are their Christmas lists, which will be sent to who knows where. Tyson kept saying that he didn't want his list sent to Santa. Why? Because he's terrified of Santa. (shaking my head)

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  1. One Thu We !!! said... December 18, 2015 at 3:38 PM

    Jimmy... We have not directly told Cameron but enough for him to know that WE are Santa's helper and that he is now 10...And his job was to make sure the younger brother doesn't know we are "HELPING" Santa.

  2. tram said... December 19, 2015 at 11:36 PM

    Those Santa cards are precious. Your boys are ridiculously cute...can't wait for Elliot to start writing ;) ...

    My kids no longer believe in the tooth fairy, although Paula tried to extort money from me last week by putting her tooth under her pillow....anything to get a couple of bucks! I left 3 pennies ;)
    A while back when Nic told me that he knew I was the tooth fairy...I asked him how could I possibly shrink and fir into a tiny fairy outfit and fly around??? His reply "oh yeah, good point!" I miss those younger years!!

  3. tram said... December 19, 2015 at 11:38 PM

    Fit (not "fir")....I didn't proofread....

  4. JT said... December 20, 2015 at 7:10 PM

    That's a good one Chi Thu, I'll have to remember that. :)

    What was Paula's reaction to the 3 pennies??

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