Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Where's Waldo?

Who's the real Waldo? I was surprised a lot of kids in this generation don't know Waldo. "Who are you supposed to be?" Sigh. On the other hand, we got laughs from my generation (the parents) and a few "I found him." Are kids these days that far removed from books? Is Waldo still around these days? Am I that old? Anyway, the tradition had always been to go with Lynn's side of the family for Halloween but since the ghoulish ringleader (my sister-in-law) just had a baby, that didn't happen. So after 10+ years living here, we Trick-or-Treated in our neighborhood for the first time. We met up with some of our neighborhood friends and in a span of two hours, got a crap load of candy. More kids = more candy... for me. :)

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