Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Thanksgiving break (finito)

Every year I've cooked the Thanksgiving turkey a different way (last year was a spatchcocked turkey) and this year I experimented with a slow roasting method (low and slow). The meat literally feel off the bone and it was fairly effortless. Not bad, this might be a keeper.

It was the usual Thanksgiving affair, lunch with the in-law side of the family and dinner at our house with our family. And I overate as usual... blah. 😑

Thanksgiving lunch plate.

Thanksgiving day at the park.

More kickball.

My slow roasted turkey.

Thanksgiving dinner plate.

Pumpkin pie (made by Lynn), Bayou Goo (House of Pies), pecan and apple pies (HEB).

My family plus her family (missing a few).

Good times with family during the break. Lots of board games and lots of playing outside (since the weather was awesome).

Breakfast with Elliot. Chocolate milk, danish and a banana.

Monopoly Gamer. Andrew won.

Machi Koro. Tyson won.

BBQ in the park with the soccer families. Kickball, soccer, volleyball and silly string war.

And in the middle was Black Friday. For a person trying to be a minimalist, I'm terrible at it. Here's all the crap that I bought. They're mostly Christmas gifts for others except for the 82" Samsung 4K TV, that was purely an impulse buy.

Lastly, I'm done with pies. No more. Ever.

But it looks so good...

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